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alf a glass of wine': Runner, 94, on the mysteries of her longevit

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Elena Pagu

This sprinter from Romania is equipping to contend at a sports title... at 94 years old.

Elena Pagu, who just started running in her late 50s, needs to partake in the European Master Athletics Indoor Championships in Portugal.

It was deferred recently due to the Covid flare-up and is set to go on in January 2021.

"Running for me is a lifestyle, in excess of a side interest," she told Euronews. "It's something that I began doing at 57, subsequent to going into retirement to assist battle with offing a drop in movement.

"I some way or another felt gloom sneaking in as I was finished with work and running turned into a decent substitute.

I became accustomed to strolling for significant distances since the time I was a child when to arrive at secondary school I needed to walk 14 km every day."

The nonagenarian, from Piatra Neamt in north-east Romania, has won innumerable awards and cups at running and race-strolling challenges across the world. However, she says she thinks often more about keeping dynamic than all the flatware she gathers.

"I went to numerous nations and visited many spots," she added. "At the point when I contend I feel glad to address my country

The key to her life span she says is - other than great qualities - working, keeping dynamic, being perseverant and a drop of wine.

"I'm glad that at my age I don't have to take medication," she said. "What I do is drink a large portion of a glass of wine in the evening after supper.